Research groups

Nuclear data

This group is doing fundamental research about nuclear data and nuclear reactions. Knowledge about this is important for applications such as cancer treatments or transmutation of used nuclear fuel.

Ion physics

In this group ion beams of high energy are utilized for material analysis ranging from applications in archaeology and medicine to ultrathin surface coatings for optical and electronic devices. Our accelerators are also used for active modification of material properties and structuring of samples at a nanometer level. Fundamental research is conducted in the whole field to meet future demands in high-quality material development and analysis.

Nuclear fuel diagnostics and safeguards

Research in the safety and security of nuclear power, such as how to use the fuel in the most efficient way, and about the needs of future nuclear power plants. In nuclear safeguards, the group is developing methods for ensuring that nuclear material is used in accordance with international treaties.

Fusion diagnostics

Research about fusion as a possible future power source is carried out at several research facilities. The fusion diagnostics group is developing instrumentation for monitoring and analysis of the fusion reactions.

Last modified: 2021-12-16