5.6 million SEK to Research within New Nuclear Technology from the Swedish Research Council


The Swedish Research Council has on October 31, 2019 decided on the applications to be awarded grants within New nuclear technology. The Department of Physics and Astronomy is granted 5 600 000 SEK for the period 2019-2022 for one project grant and one starting grant.

The granted projects are:

Research Project Grant

Project title: Nuclear safeguards verification of spent fuel in MYRRHA
Main applicant: Sophie Grape, Division of Applied Nuclear Physics
Grant amount: 2 400 000 SEK for the period 2019-2020

Starting Grant

Project title: Accurate fission yields for future nuclear systems
Main applicant: Ali Al-Adili, Division of Applied Nuclear Physics
Grant amount: 3 200 000 SEK for the period 2019-2022

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