Ali Al-Adili Awarded the Distinguished Teacher Award


Ali Al-Adili, researcher at Applied Nuclear Physics, was appointed on January 29, 2020 as recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award of 2019.

Ali Al-Adili
Ali Al-Adili. Photo: David Naylor.

Every year the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, UTN, confers a pedagogic prize to a teacher on the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University who during the year have shown great pedagogical skills. It is students at Uppsala University that nominate teachers for the prize and UTN then appoints the winner. One of the students writes in the motivation “No teacher has ever shown this much interest in his students and you can tell that he really wants our best and that we should learn.”

UTN’s motivation for the prize reads:

Ali Al-Adili has inspired and motivated his students in a way few lecturers has been able to. With his remarkable pedagogical skills he has been able to explain complex course material in a structured, methodical way and is not satisfied until all students understands. By learning the names of his students and get acquainted with the students' study situation Ali creates a good foundation for mutual understanding and respect between lecturer and student.

Ali also takes it one step further than just striving for students to achieve the learning goals for knowledge and understanding. Ali also has the willpower to develop his courses. By actively ask and discuss the course contents and basis with his students, Ali looks for viewpoints and suggestions of improvement which may be used to keep developing the course so that students during upcoming courses will have even better chances to understand the course contents.

His burning engagement for his students and striving to improve the students’ study situation and his courses lead to that the Distinguished Teacher Award 2019 is awarded Ali Al-Adili.”

Ali Al-Adili himself is very happy of the award and says:

I am extremely honored by the students’ reviews and feel motivated to develop pedagogically. Education is a pleasure when you have interested and appreciative students. Thanks UTN and all the fine students who took the time to vote!”

The prize will be awarded at Uppsala Castle in solemn forms on February 29, 2020 during the Science Students’ Ball.

Camilla Thulin
Translation: Johan Wall