Applied nuclear physics for everyone

Education and information are important parts of what we do in this division, and of course also for the general public. On this page we have collected information for you who are not a physicist yourself, but is interested in knowing more about nuclear physics and its applications. Follow the links for more information, video clips and more!

Fission is what drives our nuclear power plants. Our research is, among other things, about the next generation of nuclear power.

Fusion is the force that drives the Sun. Many hope that we will be able to tame fusion here on Earth and that it will become an important power source in the future. Here at Applied Nuclear Physics we work with instruments which are used and will be used to understand what happens at the experimental fusion reactors JET and ITER.

Nuclear Safeguards are about controlling the use of fissile material (uranium, plutonium and thorium) so that nothing will end up in the wrong hands. In the Division of Applied Nuclear Physics we work, among other things, with techniques to verify spent nuclear fuel so that it contains what it should.

Ion physics is about both fundamental research and applications of interaction between charged atoms and various materials. The research is usually interdisciplinary with collaborations in many areas from archaeology to medicine and electronics to surface coatings for tools.

Last modified: 2021-08-24