Gersemi Vertical Cryostat

Gersemi is a versatile vertical cryostat system for testing superconducting devices such as accelerating cavities and magnets, either in saturated or sub-atmospheric liquid helium baths.

A project based at Gersemi is expected to last typically for one and a half month. It is estimated that the installation of equipment will take two weeks, followed by two weeks of cooling and measurement taking, and finally two weeks to warm up the facility so equipment can be removed.

Technical means

  • Available internal dimensions: 1.1 m diameter, 2.8 m height.
  • Range of operation: 1.8 to 4.5 K, 16 to 1250 mbar.
  • Pressure stability at 16 mbar: +/- 0.1 mbar.
  • Cooling power at 1.8 K: 90 W.
  • Superconducting magnets
    • maximum allowed stored energy up to 500 kJ,
    • maximum allowed weight up to 5 ton,
    • 2x 2,000 A, four quadrant power converters.
    • maximum length up to 2.5 m (height below lambda plate)
  • Superconducting cavities
    • 1 kW RF power in a self-excited loop.
  • Mechanical and electric workshop services for installation.

Technical expertise

  • Vertical positioning of cavity or magnet.
  • Portable clean room connection of cavity vacuum pumping system.
  • Installation of Cernox and PT100 temperature sensors, electric heaters.
  • Connections to low power equipment for cavity testing or power converter for magnet testing.
  • Mechanical and electric workshop services for installation and maintenance.
  • Controls and data acquisition.

User Support

Users can choose to participate in the installation work or leave this preparation to facility staff. Facility staff will operate the facility and will be available to advise and assist with testing scenarios. Users can take the lead during the measurement campaign. Logistics support can be arranged through local providers by facility staff.


Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Facility Coordinator before beginning the formal application process with brief details of the test campaign proposal.

Facility Coordinator: Rocio Santiago Kern.

Last modified: 2021-12-22