High Power RF Facility

The RF facility is intended for research and development of RF power generation, distribution and control for superconducting and normal conducting accelerating cavities for future accelerators.

Technical Means

  • 2x high power RF amplifier, 352 MHz, 400 kW pulsed, 5% duty factor.
  • 1x high power RF amplifier, 352 MHz, 50 kW CW.
  • Self-excited loop, 352 MHz, 1 kW CW.
  • LLRF controls and RF power measurement.
  • Standard measurement equipment, i.e. vector network analyser, frequency generator and oscilloscope.


  • Development of two tetrode based high power RF stations, 352 MHz, 400 kW peak power.
  • Development of a high efficiency solid state amplifier, 352 MHz, 10 kW.
  • Development of high efficient and compact power combiners, 10 kW and 100 kW class.

Technical Expertise

  • High power RF with solid state or vacuum tube technology.
  • High power RF combiners.
  • RF controls and measurement.

User Support

Users can choose to participate in the installation work or leave this preparation to facility staff. Facility staff will operate the facility and will be available to advise and assist with testing scenarios. Users can take the lead during the measurement campaign. Logistics support can be arranged through local providers by facility staff.


Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Facility Coordinator before beginning the formal application process with brief details of the test campaign proposal.

Facility Coordinator: Lars Hermansson <lars.hermansson@physics.uu.se>

Last modified: 2022-09-09