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Welcome to the Division of Materials Theory in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University. Our research activities cover a wide range of topics within materials and condensed matter physics, including magnetism, superconductivity, the physics of the Earth's deep interior, nanoscale physics, hydrogen storage and biological physics.

What is Materials Theory?

Materials Theory is a research field where the focus lies on quantum mechanical theory of the materials. It is rooted in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and more and more even in biology. In the research, analytic and numerical methods are used to understand, and predict if possible, properties of materials, like for example the functional materials used in our everyday life. Examples of questions for research are “Can we design a material being able to detect DNA sequences?”, “What is the optimal materials combination for solar energy converters?”, “How fast can a material react on light impact?”, “Is there any optimal magnetic material for green energy conversion?” and “How can one understand superconductivity?”.


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