Master Programme in Materials Theory

The master program in physics with specialization towards materials theory provides you with a first-class education within the field of materials theory.

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With a master's degree from Uppsala University in physics with specialization in materials theory you open employment possibilities across the entire world.

With a thesis (either master or PhD) in materials theory you show competence that makes you attractive both within the academic research community and industry. Companies that have hired students with a thesis in materials theory are ABB, Volvo, Sandvik, Sony-Ericsson.

Education and the study of materials theory

If you are interested in materials theory, there are opportunities to study within our group. For more information about undergraduate and postgraduate courses and research projects, please see the Education section of the department.

Students interested in thesis projects can find several proposals here:

Opportunities for PhD studies are regularly advertised on the department's website, and also on Uppsala University's “open positions” page.

Last modified: 2021-08-27