To study materials theory we recommend that you during Bachelor studies take courses focusing on quantum physics, statistical mechanics, and condensed matter theory.

At the Master’s level we offer several programs with excellent opportunities to study materials theory:

More specifically, we offer courses within Density functional theory (DFT), Electronic structure calculations, Many body theory, Solid state theory, Magnetism, Physics of energy related materials, Quantum materials, Quantum information and Next generation quantum technology. There also exists several opportunities to try out research within materials theory through different project courses. We additionally offer a large selection of projects for Bachelor and Master theses, see links.

For PhD studies, all positions are advertised on the departments website and the university job portal. Current research topics within the division are described under Materials Theory and Quantum Matter Theory.

Education and the study of materials theory

If you are interested in materials theory, there are opportunities to study within our group. For more information about undergraduate and postgraduate courses and research projects, please see the Education section of the department.

Students interested in thesis projects can find several proposals here:

Opportunities for PhD studies are regularly advertised on the department's website, and also on Uppsala University's “open positions” page.

Last modified: 2022-07-19