Bachelor Thesis Projects at Materials Theory

Below you can see a list of bachelor thesis projects that the division of Materials Theory is posting at the moment. For more information, please contact Olle Eriksson or Susanne Mirbt.

See also the list of master thesis proposals as some of these may be suitable as bachelor projects as well.

First principles electronic structure calculations

The students will learn to perform state-of-the-art first principles electronic structure calculations using several softwares to calculate the properties of realistic materials. The specific projects are the following.

  • Calculation of force constant matrices of disordered alloys
  • Optical properties of metals and semiconductors
  • Electron correlations in complex oxides
  • Extraction of tight binding parameters for graphene and related materials

Dr. Biplab Sanyal
Room: Å13241

Simulating the electron microscope

The project aims to simulate the scattering of electrons in a crystal. Elastic and inelastic scattering processes in an electron microscope reveal a wealth of information about samples – composition, electronic and magnetic properties. It is the latter ones that will be in our focus.

Dr. Jan Rusz

New permanent magnet materials

Using calculations of the electronic structure, we will evaluate magnetic properties of selected crystals. We will focus on magnetic properties that are essential for good permanent magnet materials. For this project there is a space for more people, that could work in a team, studying different classes of materials.

Dr. Jan Rusz

Dynamics of quantum spin under non-equilibrium

The student will learn and use quantum field theoretical methods that are suitable for this type of dynamics studies. Moreover, numerical implementation and computations of the spin dynamics will be of great importance. The student can choose between making theoretical and/or numerical studies.

Dr. Jonas Fransson

Last modified: 2022-01-03