Magnetism course, 1FA557, spring 2019

Welcome to the homepage for the Magnetism Course!

The course is given by Olle Eriksson and Jan Rusz.

Schedule and Course information

The main course literature is

  • Ashcroft & Mermin: Solid State Physics
  • Peter Mohn: Magnetism in the Solid State

Additional literature

  • Eriksson et al.: Atomistic spin dynamics (book)
  • C. J. Ballhausen: Introduction to Ligand Field Theory (book)
  • M. T. Hutchings: Point-Charge Calculations of Energy Levels of Magnetic Ions in Crystalline Electric Fields in Solid State Physics 16, 227 (1964) (review article)

Lectures on 24.4. and 25.4.

Lecture on 3.5.

Lectures on 6.5. and 7.5.

  • Classical theories (Langevin and Weiss theories)
  • Quantum theories (Larmor diamagnetism, Van Vleck paramagnetism, Hund's rules, Brillouin function, Pauli paramagnetism and Heisenberg model)
  • slides

Lecture on 10.5.

  • Density Functional Theory slides

Lectures on 14.5. and 15.5.

  • Crystal field theory slides – part 1 and part 2
  • Review article about Steven's operators by Hutchings

Guest lecture on 21.5.

  • spin dynamics lecture slides will be uploaded soon

Lecture on 24.5.

  • Magneto-crystalline anisotropy slides

Hand-in Problems

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