Materials Theory

Research at the Materials Theory programme focuses on methodological development and application of electronic structure theory, dynamic mean field theory, time-dependent density functional theory, magnetization dynamics, molecular dynamics and lattice dynamics. The applications of these methods involve functional magnets, superconductivity and material for green energy conversion (for example functional magnets, battery materials, materials for solar cell application and materials for storing hydrogen). Moreover, materials in reduced dimensions are investigated, as are driven quantum systems, semi-conducting materials and materials with correlated electronic structures. Furthermore, researchers of the programme study materials under extreme states (high pressure and temperature) as well as materials for biotechnologies.

Contact Head of Programme

Olle Eriksson
+46 704250777

Academic Staff

Ahuja, Rajeev
Room: 13106
Telephone: +4618-471 3626


Room: POL 18:126
Telephone: +46-70 4250588


Eriksson, Olle
Room: 13231
Telephone: +4618-471 3625

Mirbt, Susanne
Room: 13135
Telephone: +4618-471 3622;


Klintenberg, Mattias
Room: 13134
Telephone: +4618-471 5861

Oppeneer, Peter
Room: 13131
Telephone: +4618-471 3748;

Rusz, Jan
Room: 13235
Telephone: +4618-471 5844

Sanyal, Biplab
Telephone: +4618-471 3624


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