Thuréus Prize to Peter Oppeneer


Peter Oppeneer at the Division of Materials Theory has been awarded the 2022 Thuréus Prize in the Physical-Mathematical class from the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala.

Peter Oppeneer
Peter Oppeneer. Photo: Camilla Thulin.

The Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala awarded on August 30 the Thuréus Prize at a ceremony in Lewinsalen, Gamla Torget. The prize in the Physical-Mathematical class with a prize sum of SEK 100,000 was awarded to Professor Peter Oppeneer at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University.

He was awarded the prize “for his outstanding contribution to the theoretical understanding of ultrafast magnet dynamics”.

“I am grateful and it is a joy for me that I have been awarded the Thuréus Prize, after a long time have been working with the challenge about how the mystery of ultrafast magnetism can be explained”, says Peter Oppeneer.

The Thuréus Prize was also awarded to Professor Cecilia Persson at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the Engineering-Economy class and to Professor Sebastian Bar at the Department of Medical Cell Biology in the Biology-Medicine class at Uppsala University and to Anders Cullhed, Prof Emeritus in literary studies in the History-Archaeology class at Stockholm University.

The Thuréus Prizes originate in a donation by the late doctor and Uppsala student Sven Thuréus, through the formation of Lilly and Sven Thuréus’ fund for Nature and Culture.

The Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala was founded in 1710 and is Sweden’s oldest science academy. It is still an active and engaged academy that, among other things, supports Swedish research of the highest quality by awarding prizes and rewards to deserving researchers.

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Camilla Thulin

English translation: Johan Wall

Last modified: 2022-07-18