Ultrafast magnetism, superconductivity and spintronics


The research group of Prof. Peter Oppeneer focuses on several topics in theoretical condensed matter theory. Our main topics include development of theory for femtosecond magnetism, for unconventional forms of superconductivity and for hidden order parameters, as well as computational theory for molecular spintronics, spin-crossover materials and novel topological phases of materials. Specifically, we address femtosecond coherent light-induced magnetic processes, such as ultrafast demagnetization, magnetization switching, ultrafast light-imparted magnetization, magneto-plasmonics and coherent phonon generation. We develop theory to describe ultrafast spin dissipation channels, such as superdiffusive spin currents and Elliott-Yafet electron-phonon spin-flip scattering, and we develop computer codes for numerical simulations of these processes in real materials. We study the strongly coupled non-equilibrium dynamics of electrons, spin and phonons on ultrashort time scales. We also perform ab initio studies of unconventional forms of superconductivity in real materials, as odd-frequency and spin triplet superconductivity, using our home-made self-consistent full bandwidth, anisotropic multiband Eliashberg code (Uppsala Superconductivity Code, UppSC). Another area of our interest is theory of hidden order and multipolar magnetic order, observed in strongly correlated materials as URu2Si2 and UO2 and NpO2. Other strongly correlated electron systems we have investigated with our own dynamical mean field theory (DMFT) code. We further investigate novel topological states of matter, by calculations of topological invariants. Our overall aim is to combine advancement of analytical condensed-matter theory hand-in-hand with development of numerical simulation codes, and employ ab initio approaches to achieve materials' specific theory.

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Research Interests

 Organic Spintronics

  • Relativistic theory for Gilbert damping in Landau-Lifshitz dynamics
  • Theory of ultrafast laser-induced demagnetization and spin reversal
  • Ab initio theory of Elliott-Yafet electron-phonon spin-flip scattering
  • Ab initio theory of Hidden Order and of multipolar ordering
  • Computational theory of unconventional superconductivity
  • First-principles theory of X-ray magnetic and magneto-optical spectroscopies (XMCD, XMLD, magneto-optical Kerr effect, Faraday & Schäfer-Hubert effect)
  • Ab initio theory of on-surface magnetochemistry of spin-bearing metalorganic molecules
  • Computational theory of spin-crossover molecular materials
  • Electronic structure theory of strongly correlated electron systems with DMFT
  • Materials modeling for oxidation/reduction reactions at nuclear fuel surfaces
  • Materials modeling for transport of defects in actinide materials
  • Magnetic model Hamiltonians, exchange interactions & spin-dynamics

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