Atomistic spin-dynamics method UppASD

The UppASD software solves numerically the equation of motion of atomistic spins. This allows for a description of the magnetization dynamics on an atomic level.

The method is based on the analytical derivations of Ref. [1], and the first implementation of UppASD can be found in Ref. [2]. Simulations up to one billion atoms can be made, and typical scientific problems addressed with this technique involve magnon excitations, skyrmion and soliton dynamics, ultrafast demagnetization, and magnonics. A review can be found in Ref. [3] and a text book describing this method is found in Ref. [4]. Current developments involve a multiscale approach that couple the atomistic description to a continuum micro-magnetic description.

Link to UppASD webpage.


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Last modified: 2022-01-03