Model Magnetism


The mechanisms of magnetism and magnetic phenomena under non-equilibrium and temporally varying conditions can be efficiently studied using model Hamiltonians. Our primary focus lie on the theoretical description of magnetic effects, especially in nanoscale systems but also in bulk materials. Here, we study the time-dependent interactions between local spin moments and electronic current, and microscopic origin of magnetic interactions, such as spin-electron, spin-spin, spin-lattice, and spin-light interactions.

Special attention is paid to magnetic phenomena that are currently being investigated by local probing techniques (scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy/spectroscopy). Here we address issues related to the general theoretical description of the measurements but also physical origins of probe induced variations in, e.g., anisotropy fields.

Our work is supported by external grants from the Swedish Research Council and Stiftelsen Olle Engqvist Byggmästare.

Selected publications

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Dr. Jonas Fransson

Dr. Simone Borlenghi Garoia

Peter Berggren

Henning Hammar

Juan David Vasquez Jaramillo