Quantum Information

Quantum information is a cross-disciplinary field with great potential impact on future information technology. Key applications in the field are information processing, secure communication, simulations of quantum systems, and metrology. We use geometric and topological techniques to develop new forms of robust logical gates for quantum computation and to seek a deeper understanding of non-classical correlations, in particular quantum entanglement and Bell-type non-locality.

We develop new types of robust gates for quantum gates, based on quantum holonomies, i.e., non-Abelian geometric phases, and combine them with other error resilient techniques. Quantum entanglement with focus on many-particle systems is analysed by means of gauge theoretical and topological methods. Quantum coherence and correlations in non-Markovian open system dynamics with applications to biological systems are studied. We work on various other topics in quantum mechanics, such as Berry phases of mixed quantum states with applications to topological matter, weak measurements, photon and neutron optics, as well as cold atom dynamics.

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Last modified: 2021-12-30