Topological and Dirac materials

Topological and Dirac materials are large classes of recently discovered materials with many unique properties that have received immense amount of attention, including the Nobel Prizes in Physics in 2010 and 2016. We study many different phenomena in topological and Dirac materials, using methods spanning from effective low-energy models to full ab-initio calculations.

Topological materials have an intrinsic property, topological order, giving rise to protected surfaces states. These lead to everything from dissipation-free surface transport in topological insulators to exotic Majorana fermions in topological superconductors. In Dirac materials the low-energy excitations form a linear Dirac dispersion, usually only found for high-energy electrons in vacuum. Graphene, surface states in topological insulators, and high-temperature cuprate superconductors are all Dirac materials, which despite their diversity share unifying physical properties. We undertake research on many topological and Dirac materials and phenomena, using methods ranging from general effective low-energy models to full ab-initio calculations to study both advanced materials and engineered structures.

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