Ultrafast Magnetic Processes

Ultrafast dynamics in magnetic materials has recently emerged as an intriguing area of modern science. In this field, ultrashort radiation pulses are used to excite a material to a non-equilibrium state that may lead to ultrafast demagnetization, magnetization reversal or even generation of magnetization. The underlying fundamental mechanisms are however poorly understood. To unveil these we develop analytical models and ab initio theory to advance the understanding of ultrafast magnetic processes.

The recent discovery of several unexpected phenomena occurring on sub-picosecond timescales, such as ultrafast demagnetization or transiently induced superconductivity, has emphasized the importance of strongly correlated, out-of-equilibrium processes that involve spin, orbital, and lattice degrees of freedom. Aiming to explain such ultrafast magnetic processes, and prepare the way for their future technological utilization, we develop theory for laser-induced demagnetization, ultrafast spin dynamics and spin reorientation, as well as for non-thermal femtosecond spin currents and transport.

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