Quantum Matter Theory

The research within the program for Quantum Matter Theory focuses on condensed matter where quantum mechanical effects in a very prominent way determine the properties. Current research interests span several contemporary areas in modern physics, such as unconventional superconductivity, topological matter, non-equilibrium physics, strongly correlated systems, ultracold atoms, and quantum information. Beyond a natural connection between several of these areas, a strongly unified focus of the research is the methodology, where low-energy models for complex and quantum mechanical many-body systems play a central role. While the research is naturally linked to more material specific research, the overarching focus here is on understanding the physics of matter on a conceptual and unified level.

For more information please contact the head of programme
Annica Black-Schaffer, email: annica.black-schaffer@physics.uu.se, tel. 076-7950649

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Black-Schaffer, Annica
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Jonas Fransson​​

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