We are involved in education on all levels, from the preparatory year (Basåret) and fundamental physics to advanced research courses. Teaching involves lectures, problem solving sessions, course development, laboratory supervision.

We offer various projects for Bachelor and Master Students.

List of courses given during the spring and fall semester

  • Preparatory year courses
    • Physics 1
    • Physics 2
    • Chemistry 1
    • Chemistry 2
  • First cycle courses
  • Second cycle courses
    • Atom and Molecular Physics – Advanced (1FA558)
    • Applied Molecular Physics (1FA559)
    • Electronic Structure of Functional Materials (1FA560)
    • Electron Spectroscopy (faculty wide course)
    • Free Electron Laser Science (1FA581)
    • Condensed Matter Physics (1FA526)
    • Semiconductor Electrochemistry – Molecular solar cells and photocatalysis (1FY250)
    • Synchrotron Radiation (1FA555)
    • Surface Physics (1FA588)
    • Quantum Mechanics, Advanced Course (1FA352)
  • Courses for Teaching Programme
    • Natural Science and Science Education (1BG024)
    • Science and Technology for Teaching at Primary School (1BG028)
    • Science and Technology for Primary School, Years 4-6 (1BG029)
    • Physics for Teachers in Years 7-9 (Teacher Initiative) (8FY004)
Last modified: 2021-06-07