Environmental and energy applications

Our future depends on renewable energy and a clean environment.

Some of the grand challenges facing humankind are connected to energy and environment. We aim to develop a fundamental understanding of key processes on the atomic level connected to energy conversion and storage, as well as their environmental consequences. Much of the research concerns investigations on complex interfaces and our primarily X-ray-based research includes:

  • Photocatalysis for fuel production from sunlight.
  • Solar cell materials for improved solar energy conversion.
  • Battery materials for improved energy storage.
  • Aqueous and atmospheric aerosol surfaces for improved climate prediction.

Areas of research

  • Heterogeneous catalysis towards energy storage: Atomic level understanding of chemical bond formation.
  • Photon-to-electron energy conversion in next generation solar cells: Energy alignment and charge transfer dynamics.
  • Li-ion batteries and beyond: Interface characterization for increased understanding and advancement.
  • Atmosphere physics.

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