Condensed Matter Physics of Energy Materials

We characterize functional materials at an atomic level by a variety of advanced element specific and time-resolved X-ray based spectroscopies. Our aim is to connect various functional materials aspects with specific atomic species, chemical environments, surface and bulk properties, dimensionality and time-response scale. These fundamental investigations will enable us to design materials of desirable properties useful in for example magnetism and energy applications. These complex materials also represent an opportunity to advance the development of spectroscopy.

List of people

Magnetism – Spintronics and dynamics

Our investigations on modern magnetism and spintronics focus on understanding and controlling atomic spins in space and time. We study how the behavior of atomic spins depend on the sample structure/composition and how they are affected by various types of excitations. With this we aim to contribute to the development of spintronic components for information technology, that for instance can lead to faster and more energy efficient memories. The techniques include X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray ferromagnetic resonance (X-FMR) and time-resolved transverse magneto-optic Kerr effect (T-MOKE) with IR pump and EUV probe.

Energy Materials – Conversion and storage

One of the grand challenges facing humankind is connected to energy. We aim to develop a fundamental understanding of key processes on the atomic level connected energy conversion. Much of the research concerns investigations on complex interfaces and its dynamics. We specifically focus on the conversion between solar energy, electrical energy and chemical energy in applications such as solar cells, batteries and catalysis/photocatalysis.


Dimitri Arvanitis, senior lecturer
Sergei Butorin, researcher
Ute Cappel, alumnus
Minjie Dong, PhD student
Laurent Duda, senior lecturer
Geethanjali Gopakumar, PhD student
Maria Hahlin, postdoctoral research fellow
Somnath Jana, researcher
Fredrik Johansson, PhD student
Olof Karis, professor
Ronny Knut, post doc.
Valeria Lanzilotto, alumnus
Andreas Lindblad, assistant professor
Fredrik Lindgren, researcher
Felix Massel, PhD student
Venkata Kamalakar Mutta, researcher
Johan Oscarsson, PhD student
Bertrand Philippe, alumnus
Dibya Phuyal, PhD student
Yevgen Pogoryelov, researcher
Carla Puglia, senior lecturer
Håkan Rensmo, professor
Anders Sandell, professor
Dipankar Das Sarma, visiting professor
Yasmine Sassa, alumnus
Konstantin Simonov, post doc.
Teng Zhang, alumnus

Last modified: 2022-09-16