Energy Materials – Surfaces and interfaces for conversion and storage

One of the great challenges of our modern society is to meet the growing energy demand by using sustainable, efficient and renewable energy sources. At the division of X-ray Photon Science, the research is partly based on fundamental understanding of electronic structure and electron dynamics in solid and molecular materials. We specifically study the atomic structure of various materials used in energy applications and relate this structure to their functionality in the device.

Our research on electronic structure and electron dynamics is subdivided into the following interlinked areas:

The use and development of X-ray based spectroscopy tools is an integrated part of the work with the aim of solving key questions for an improved understanding of the working principle of the energy materials. This will contribute to the development of better and more efficient applications.

Projects: We invite students interested in doing a Master and Bachelor project. For more details about available projects in different research areas field please contact:

Fundamentals: Andreas Lindblad
Photovoltaics: Bertrand Philippe
Batteries: Maria Hahlin
Catalysis/Photocatalysis: Laurent Duda

Last modified: 2021-06-08