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Physics research covers areas of all sizes – from the tiniest of particles to the largest of galaxies.

The unification of the corner stones: light–matter interactionx-ray instrumental development, functional materials, and energy and environment represents the core research activity within X-ray photon science at the department of physics and astronomy. The figure shows the magnifying glas as an instrument developed for studying the important light–matter interaction seen inside the magnifying glas. The knowledge obtained reach from fundamental to applied, specifically in the field of functionalized materials and energy and environment.

The interaction between light and matter is the basis for many phenomena found in our daily life, e.g. cloud formation, illumination using LED lamps. For us light–matter interaction is also the basis for fundamental studies of various phenomena using spectroscopic based techniques. Crucial for this kind of research is the development of new techniques and better instruments, as new types of information most often is accompanied with a leap in knowledge. Within our group a special focus is placed on understanding phenomena and systems that are important within the fields of functional materials and energy and environment.

Last modified: 2022-05-18