MesonNet is a research network within EU HadronPhysics3 project. The main objective is the coordination of light meson studies at different European accelerator research facilities: COSY (Jülich), DAPHNE (Frascati), ELSA (Bonn), GSI (Darmstadt) and MAMI (Mainz). The network includes also EU researchers carrying out experiments at VEPP-2000 (BINP), CEBAF (JLAB) and heavy flavor-factories (Babar, Belle II, BESIII experiments).
The scope are processes involving lightest neutral mesons: π0, η, ω, η', φ and the lightest scalar resonances. The emphasis is on meson decay studies but we include also meson production processes and meson–baryon interactions. The majority of the participants of the network are experimentalists while close collaboration with theory groups is essential for the planning of experiments and the interpretation of the data.

A guide to the experimental data for π0, η, ω, η', φ mesons decay distributions and transition form factors is given in this document (pdf 200kB). The document collects bibliography on the light unflavored neutral π0, η, ω, η', φ mesons experimental studies. The aim is to provide complementary information to that available in Particle Data Group and HEP Reaction Data Base (HEPRDB). Therefore the focus is on the papers where the experimental decay distributions are extracted and not only few selected parameters as e.g. decay widths or branching fractions. In the first version of the document an extensive collection of the experimental papers related to the π0 and η transition form factors is provided.

In addition we will soon provide a standardized output for all available single off-shell transition form factor data. The format of the files is compatible with HEPRDB input format and can be also easily imported to other data bases or programs.

Last modified: 2021-03-02