Carl Trygger Foundation

Carl Trygger Grants 2021

Main applicant: Martin Sahlén, Division of Astronomy and Space Physics
Grant amount: Around 800 000 SEK over two years, project funding/scholarship to recruit a postdoc and operation of the research project in the summary

Project title: Deep-learning trigger system for high-energy neutrinos
Main applicant: Christian Glaser, Division of High Energy Physics
Grant amount: 600 000 SEK over two years

Project title: A long life of Heavy Neutral Leptons: from the LHC to the FCC
Main applicant: Rebeca Gonzalez-Suarez, Division of High Energy Physics

Main applicant: Petra Jönsson, Division of Materials Physics

Project title: Topology and Dynamics in Magnetic Metamaterials
Main applicant: Vassilios Kapaklis, Division of Materials Physics

Main applicant: Håkan Rensmo, Division of X-ray Photon Science
Project funding/scholarship to recruit a postdoc

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Last modified: 2022-04-05