Development of monitoring techniques for high flux neutron fields in fusion research

Göran Ericsson
Göran Ericsson. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt.

Project Description

Project title: Development of monitoring techniques for high flux neutron fields in fusion research
Main applicant: Göran Ericsson, Division of Applied Nuclear Physics
Grant amount: SEK 486 180 over two years, grants for running costs/equipment

Fusion energy could provide sustainable, environmentally benign base load electricity with no or very little emissions of greenhouse gases. Development of fusion as an energy source is a highly collaborative, international undertaking. Internationally, the ITER fusion experimental reactor is under construction in Cadarache, France. As part of its Framework Programs (FP9, Horizon Europe), Europe is planning for the next step after ITER, a DEMOnstration fusion reactor to deliver electricity to the grid. Many challenges remain to be solved for DEMO, e.g., development of radiation hard structural and functional materials, capable of sustaining the intense neutron irradiation in a fusion reactor. To test and qualify materials for DEMO a dedicated neutron irradiation facility, DONES, is under design. Researchers from Uppsala University are part of the DONES project as neutron measurement experts. In this application we seek co-funding for procurement and testing of highly specialized neutron field monitors, based on micro Fission Chambers with the isotopes 235U and 238U from Photonis, France, which are the reference design for the DONES project. The project includes procurements, simulation calculations and irradiation experiments.

Last modified: 2023-03-22