X-ray based methodology for next generation Na-ion battery cathodes

The Swedish Energy Agency has on January 19, 2021 reached a decision on project grants within the call “Curiosity-driven research for sustainable energy systems”, which is a common investment between the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Research Council. Three projects from the Department of Physics and Astronomy were granted funds.

Project Description

Project title: X-ray based methodology for next generation Na-ion battery cathodes
Main applicant: Laurent Duda, Division of Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics
Grant amount: SEK 5 662 471

Project description

Rechargeable batteries are part of a future-oriented energy storage system using energy from renewable energy sources. Li ion batteries (LIBs) are in wide use today but the great increase in demand will force the transition to more sustainable materials such as sodium. Sodium ion batteries (SIBs) are deemed to be an extremely interesting future generation battery technology. SIB performance is still lagging that of LIBs due to the incomplete understanding of the fundamental processes in these devices. Generally, the cathode material presents the bottle neck for reaching larger energy density and better battery stability. Therefore we will perform advanced x-ray spectroscopy experiments on a variety of promising SIB cathode materials. Analysis will be aided by advanced theoretical calculations to give us the deep insight necessary to improve the SIB technology. This will be done in close collaboration with our industry contacts who are developing new materials.

Last modified: 2021-07-01