Bachelor Education in Physics

If you are interested in physics and want to know how the Universe and Nature works, first good step to make is to be enrolled in Uppsala University Bachelor Program in physics. Bachelor Program in physics is quite general and has no particular specialization. It gives students basic skills that will allow them to proceed physics education on master and graduate programs. However, bachelor program requires completion of the Degree Project which is your first step toward solving real-life research problems. In our division you will be able to work with high-class researchers on the modern topics of theoretical physics. All detailed information about formal issues of Uppsala University Bachelor Program in Physics can be found here, where you can also apply for the program.


Below you can find the list of courses which is taught by the members of our divisions. If you are interested in theoretical physics we recommend you to choose these courses during your bachelor program. On the links below you can find detailed syllabuses of the courses with the links to the course page on Uppsala University's student pages.

First and second years of bachelor program (mandatory courses)

Third year of bachelor program

Degree Project in Theoretical Physics

The Bachelor Program in physics also includes a mandatory 15 hp Degree Project. Working on a Degree Project in our Division you will have the opportunity to work with active high-class researchers on the topics of modern theoretical physics. If you are interested in completing a Degree Project in our Division you can look through available topics of the projects and list of completed bachelor theses. Of course you are not forced to choose among available projects only. Instead you can always contact any member of our Division and propose your own project or ask for some project related to the topic you are interested in.


Matthias Weiszflog
programme director, bachelor programme in physics
+46 18-471 3051
Room: 12166

Last modified: 2022-01-10