Available Bachelor Projects

Below you can find a list of available bachelor projects within the Division of Theoretical Physics. If your are interested in one of the proposed topics you can contact the corresponding supervisor.

However you are always welcome to come to us with your own ideas and interests. In this case you can look through the research topics of our division and contact members of the research group that interests you most. Or you can just contact any of our division members to discuss your interests.

Finally you can always take a look through the list of recently completed thesis which can also give you some ideas about your project.​

Gravitational Waves from Quantum Field Theory

Gravitational waves from black hole binaries can be studied using quantum field theory. The idea is to treat black holes as quantum point-particles, whose interaction is described by scattering amplitudes, and then take the classical limit. These methods are very powerful and in some cases have outperformed the classical gravity calculations, but there is still a lot to be done. For instance, extending the formalism to spinning black holes. Students taking this project will learn modern scattering amplitude techniques and binary black hole physics, and will perform a calculation related to the above.

Supervisor: Paolo Pichini
+46 18 471 3248
Room: 73138