Available Bachelor Projects

Below you can find a list of available bachelor projects within the Division of Theoretical Physics. If your are interested in one of the proposed topics you can contact the corresponding supervisor.

However you are always welcome to come to us with your own ideas and interests. In this case you can look through the research topics of our division and contact members of the research group that interests you most. Or you can just contact any of our division members to discuss your interests.

Finally you can always take a look through the list of recently completed thesis which can also give you some ideas about your project.​

Diagrams and amplitude relations

Diagrams play an important role in the perturbative computation of scattering amplitudes. Since the number of diagrams dramatically increases with every order in the perturbative series the traditional methods of computing amplitudes are no longer practically applicable at higher order. Recently a relation (BCJ) between scattering amplitudes (and diagrams) has been conjectured and proved for some cases in gauge and gravity theories. This relation reduces the number of diagrams drastically. The goal of this project is the study of these (and other) relations on a diagrammatic level.

Supervisor: Gregor Kälin
+46 18 471 3248
Room: 73138

Quantum Entanglement

Entanglement is a very broad subject and some of its applications such as entanglement entropy are some of the topics that are in the forefront of modern research. This project has many different possibilities. The starting point is entanglement in quantum mechanics which can be followed by focusing of its geometric approach, entanglement in quantum field theory or for very determined students entanglement entropy in black holes.

Supervisor: Konstantina Polydorou
+46 18 471 3244
Room: 73134