Graduate Program

Uppsala University provides postgraduate program in Theoretical Physics with specialization in Quantum Field Theory and String Theory. Our program will give you opportunity to work with leading experts in the most exciting areas of modern research in theoretical physics.


The most important part of Graduate Education is research that students perform. The main field of research in our Division is String Theory, Quantum Field Theory and related topics. For more detailed information about research topics available in our division you can visit our research page, take a look through the list of recent publications, or look at the list of Doctoral Theses completed in our Division.


Below you can find list of relevant courses for a PhD in theoretical physics. On the links below you can find detailed syllabuses of the courses with links to the course page on the Student Portal.

You can also be interested in the advanced courses related to other fields of theoretical physics. Below you can find list of these courses.

Formal Aspects

  • In order to be admitted to the Doctoral Program the student should have a second level degree and completed courses amounting to 240 credits, including second level courses amounting to at least 60 credits.
  • Doctoral Program usually takes 4-5 full years of education.
  • PhD in physics is obtained after the student has completed course requirements of 60 higher education credits (hp).
  • In addition to courses within your own scientific field, there are two other mandatory courses: Academic Teacher Training Course (for teaching students) and Ethics course (either Research Ethics for Science and Technology at BMC or Ethics of Technology and Science at ITC).

More detailed information about the Uppsala University Postgraduate education in Physics can be found in Postgraduate Studies.


You should first check for available positions and contact potential supervisors to discuss your plans before you submit your formal application. If you are interested in becoming a PhD student in our division you can find all the details here.


All Graduate students in the Department usually attend our Seminars. There is also the more pedagogical Journal Club held in our Division. There PhD students and Postdocs discuss classical and review papers on the topics related to their research. Active participation (i.e. attending and making talks) in Journal Club is counted as reading course.

Last modified: 2022-09-12