Dmytro Volin

Dmytro VolinAddress
Dmytro Volin
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Uppsala university
Box 516
SE-75120 Uppsala

For the period 2018-2022, also holds a Nordic Assistant Professor position at Nordita, Stockholm

Research interests

I conduct research in mathematical physics, less conventional “physical mathematics” would be even a better wording. The research of past years was focused on the AdS/CFT integrability, quantum spectral curve, non-compact Young diagrams and Bethe equations, representation theory of supersymmetric algebras, and separation of variables.


Taught Statistical Physics I&II, and Advanced Classical Mechanics II in 2013-2018, at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). Also served as a TP course director in 2016-2018 at TCD.

TCD Provost's Teaching Award in 2018.

No ongoing teaching duties, until September 2020.

Future plans and opportunities for collaboration

Until September 2020, I won't have teaching load save for potential supervision of projects and some short cycles of lectures. I plan to do research more intensively during this period and to address the following two directions. One strand is to link/contrast the AdS/CFT integrability with a rich world of quantum integrable systems, this would be strongly related to developing of representation theory of relevant quantum algebras, and hence this is a more mathematically-oriented research. The other more physical strand is to use (AdS/CFT) integrable systems as a tool in the computation challenges of quantum field theory, for instance in conformal bootstrap and scattering amplitudes.

To reach these goals, I am currently open for creation of new collaborations. Also, interested young researches (of postdoctoral, PhD, or undergraduate level) are welcome to contact me, we can discuss possible research/project/internship options.

At this moment, there are two related jobs:

  • A postdoctoral position at Nordita for 2019-2021 – already filled
  • A PhD position at Uppsala commencing in fall 2019: – application deadline is 01/03/2019

Recent publications


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