A Refined N=2 Chiral Multiplet on Twisted AdS_2 x S^1


Authors: Antonio Pittelli

Preprint number: UUITP-63/18

N=2 chiral multiplet on twisted AdS_2×S^1. The chiral multiplet is coupled to a background vector multiplet encoding a real mass deformation. We consider an AdS_2×S^1 metric containing two parameters: one is the S^1 radius, while the other gives a fugacity q for the angular momentum on AdS_2. The computation is carried out by means of supersymmetric localization, which provides a finite answer written in terms of q-Pochammer symbols and multiple Zeta functions. Especially, the partition function Z_chi reproduces three-dimensional holomorphic blocks if we require that all the fields are strictly normalisable. Finally, we observe that Z_chi loses its dependence on the S^1 radius once the background vector multiplet is turned off, becoming a pure function of the fugacity q.