Analytic Bootstrap for Logarithmic CFT


Authors: Pinaki Banerjee and Parijat Dey

Preprint number:  UUITP-37/19

Abstract: We study logarithmic conformal field theory (LogCFT) in four dimensions using conformal bootstrap techniques in the large spin limit. We focus on the constraints imposed by conformal symmetry on the four point function of certain logarithmic scalar operators and compute the leading correction to the anomalous dimension of double trace operators in the large spin limit. There exist certain holographic duals to such LogCFTs, which involve higher derivative equations of motion. The anomalous dimension is related to the binding energy of a state where two scalars rotate around each other with a large angular momentum. We compute this energy shift and compare it to the anomalous dimension of the large spin double trace operators due to stress tensor exchange in the LogCFT. Our result shows that the cluster decomposition principle is satisfied for LogCFTs as long as the dimensions of the operators are positive.