Bubble needs strings


Authors: Souvik Banerjee, Ulf Danielsson, Suvendu Giri

Preprint number: UUITP-33/20

Abstract: In this paper, we want to emphasize the pivotal role played by strings in the model realizing de Sitter using an expanding bubble, proposed and subsequently developed in arXiv:1807.01570,  arXiv:1907.04268, and arXiv:2001.07433. Contrary to the Randall-Sundrum model of brane-localized gravity, we use the end points of radially stretched strings to obtain matter sourcing gravity induced on the bubble wall. This allows us to reinterpret the possible volume divergence coming from naive dimensional reduction as mass renormalization in four dimensional particle physics. Furthermore, we argue that the residual time dependence in the bulk, pointed out by some recent work as a possible shortcoming of such models, is automatically cured in presence of these stringy sources.