Squashing and supersymmetry enhancement in three dimensions


Authors: Joseph Minahan, Usman Naseer and Charles Thull

Preprint number: UUITP-30/21

We consider mass-deformed theories with ${\cal N}\geq2$ supersymmetry on round and squashed three-spheres. By embedding the supersymmetric backgrounds in extended supergravity we show that at special values of mass deformations the supersymmetry is enhanced on the squashed spheres. When the $3d$ partition function can be obtained by a limit of a $4d$ index we also show that for these special mass deformations only the states annihilated by extra supercharges contribute to the index. By using an equivalence between partition functions on squashed spheres and ellipsoids,  we explain the recently observed squashing independence of the partition function of mass-deformed ABJM theory  on the  ellipsoid. We provide further examples of such simplification for various $3d$ supersymmetric theories.