OPE coefficients in Argyres-Douglas theories


Authors: Agnese Bissi, Francesco Fucito, Andrea Manenti, Francisco Morales, Raffaele Savelli

Preprint number: UUITP-65/21

Abstract: The calculation of physical quantities in certain quantum field theories such as those of the Argyres-Douglas type is notoriously hard, due to the lack of a Lagrangian description. Here we tackle this problem following two alternative approaches. On the one hand, we use localization on the four-sphere to compute two-correlators and OPE coefficients in Argyres-Douglas superconformal theories. On the other hand, we use the conformal bootstrap machinery to put stringent bounds on such coefficients, only relying on the knowledge of central charge and conformal dimension of the operators. We compare the results obtained with these two methods and find good agreement for all rank-one cases and for the rank-two Argyres-Douglas theories $(A_1,A_4)$ and $(A_1,A_5)$, in the moduli space of pure $SU(5)$ and $SU(6)$ super Yang-Mills. We also apply our results from localization to obtain bounds on the dimensions of the lightest neutral unprotected operators of the CFTs.