Housing in Uppsala

It is not very easy to find apartments in Uppsala, especially in the beginning of the Autumn when all the students are arriving. Here we collect some valuable websites that might help you succeed in your quest to find a home.

In Sweden it can be quite difficult to get a first-hand contract, since the companies give priority to those who have been queuing the longest, which in some cases might mean several years. Therefore, you should register for those websites as soon as possible so that your queuing time starts right away. However, to get a place when you first arrive you will probably have to rent a room/apartment from someone else, meaning a second-hand contract.


Blocket is a general site for private ads, with many people advertising rooms or sometimes entire apartments they wish to rent out. You should choose Uppsala and “Uthyres” to see those offers. It is also highly recommendable to put your own ad in the “Önskar hyra” section for a cost of 125 SEK because many people select their tenants by looking only into that section. Be aware that there has been a number of fake advertisements, so be careful and never pay any deposit without having a contract.

Studentboet is a website aimed at students in Uppsala, where people look for someone to share an apartment with. This website also has a lot of useful information on housing in Uppsala.

Andrahand is another second-hand ad website with usually a few announcements for housing in Uppsala.


Studentstaden is a housing company that offers first-hand contracts to students only, which means less queueing time than other housing companies. The options range from rooms in corridors, which don't require much waiting, to full 3/4-room apartments, which could take a waiting time of a few years.

Heimstaden is another housing company that owns some student apartments. It has less options than Studentstaden, but it is good to keep an eye on their offers.

Uppsala Nations are very old student organizations that have become a traditional part of student life in Uppsala with their bars, restaurants, parties, but more importantly here, housing. A few of them have a number of apartments they rent out to their members, so once you get to Uppsala you should try to join one of them.


University's Housing Office also has some apartments they rent to staff and guests, but due to the high demand, it is not uncommon to wait at least one year until you are offered anything. The waiting time is usually less than with private housing companies so it is a good option if you want to move away from second-hand contracts.


Uppsalahem is a company which owns a lot of apartments in Uppsala, but the waiting times can be huge. However, keep an eye open on their short-term offers because most people are not interested in these, which means that it can be a great option for newcomers which need a house right away.

Rikshem is a smaller private company, but like Uppsalahem, sometimes they have short-term contracts which means that you can get an apartment very fast.

UAF is a foundation which rents some apartments to employees of the university. It is worth a try.

Last modified: 2021-04-27